With three Technology Research and Development projects combining expertise and researchers in nonlinear, interferometric, and computational imaging, CLIMB will translate technology from the lab to the clinic and other point-of-care settings.

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The arsenal of tools created at CLIMB will report on function and disease from the molecular to the organism scale, resulting in more accurate cancer diagnosis and treatment, as well as new approaches to monitoring brain disorders, infectious and metabolic diseases. Toward these goals, CLIMB will develop a unique set of biophotonics imaging tools, free of the artifacts associated with specimen tagging and staining, specifically dedicated to in-vivo and POC settings. Our label-free data will be paired with powerful computer algorithms to extract tissue architecture and dynamics, with high specificity. As a result, the new disease markers developed at our center will allow for quantitative diagnosis and prognosis, broadly translatable across multiple instruments and laboratories, nationwide.

Our Center starts out with 3 Technology Research and Development projects8 Collaborative projects, and  8 Service projects.